About Us

FITS is the main agent and manufacturer of the brand Econtras, the Dutch company C.J. van Waas, for the Balkans and beyond region, in the field of energy efficiency and CO2 reduction “harmful gases.” The expertise and skills of the Dutch company CJ van Waas have been carefully developed and perfected in the fifty years of the last century, and this year, their expertise and skills are also reflected in the market Bosnia and Herzegovina.

FITS in Sarajevo produces high quality insulating jackets and mattresses, but also tailor-made solutions according to special requirements of clients. Mattresses are made of high quality textiles, they can be easily mounted and disassembled, and are reusable after disassembly. Using our mattress reduces energy consumption and ejection of all CO2 emissions. Our products are recognizable all over the world.

The application of our products is represented in communal enterprises, industry, heat and power production plants, oil platforms, shipbuilding and construction of other vessels, production of means of transport, railways, and in the specialized purposes demanded by customers according to ‘Original Equipment Production’. We offer you high-quality solutions for thermal, sound and refractory insulation in industrial processes.
If you have an interest in cooperating with us or would like to be our business partner in order to improve the climate production in our country, please visit us or contact us.