Acoustic insulation

Do you have a lack or problems with acoustic insulation in your work environment? FITS is a company specializing in the development and installation of insulating materials. For the acoustic insulation of machines and pipes, we mainly use insulation mattresses. We carry these in a range of standard sizes but can also make them according to your custom specifications.

Industrial work almost invariably involves a range of different machines. While these machines are crucial to business operations, they can also cause a lot of nuisance, including noise pollution. One way of limiting such a nuisance is by using acoustic insulation. C.J. van Waas specialises in acoustic insulation that can be used in almost any sector.

Proper insulation should contribute to safety in the workplace, and as such, we put quality first and foremost. Therefore, we only work with people who specialise in insulation. Our insulation experts will measure the exact dimensions on-site and provide you with valuable recommendations. They will guide you comfortably through the entire process, ensuring that you are continually involved and are able to provide input whenever necessary.