The Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) requires customisation like no other, for which the C.J. van Waas experts have all of the requisite skills and equipment. FITS offers a wide range of insulation solutions for the OEM sector, suitable for even the most challenging environments.

Are you looking for a material that is exceedingly fire-resistant, or is it acoustic protection that you are after? No matter the query, we will work with you to find the perfect product for your situation. We have collaborated on custom solutions for panels, cabin walls, ceilings, fire-resistant doors, and even full-fledged container systems with many of our clients in the past.

Whether it is to protect workers, insulate boilers, or provide heat protection for measuring devices or other machine parts and electronics,

FITS d.o.o. will design, produce, and install the perfect custom solution for your OEM business, ranging from a single unit to a ready-made product for large-scale use.