Passive Fire Protection

Danger and damage caused by fires and explosions in refineries, petrochemical installations and offshore installations can be mitigated by an effective system of protection of basic systems and their components for the monitoring (parts) of the plant. Continuous functioning of these systems can be protected from 15 to 120 minutes, using the JetBlack Passive Fire Protection System, designed and manufactured by C.J. van Waas.

The custom JetBlack® PFP system has been tested according to ISO 22899-1, which provides protection at temperatures up to 1150˚C for 120 minutes in extreme fire. JetBlack® PFP systems maintain their integrity, shape and capacity of insulation, which leads to minimizing the rise in temperature on the surface of the object intended for protection. Through well-tested and tested material selection, the method of construction and how to install Jet Black® PFP is an excellent solution in extreme conditions. A system designed by C.J. Van Waas has been available on the market since 2012 and is successfully used on various platforms for the production of oil and refineries.