The conference “PIT 2018” Tešanj

On 19.04.2018. Targer E & C and the Tešanj Development Agency in Tešanj organized the first conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina dedicated to companies operating in the fields of industry and manufacturing.

The conference brought together directors and managers of more than 30 manufacturing companies, and was organized from the need for a single central event in Bosnia and Herzegovina that would follow a positive trend in the development of the B&H industry and presented new developments in this area from B&H and from the world.

Tarik Kadrispahić, Director of Targera said that the focus of technology, organization, logistics, quality, production methods and the future of manufacturing organizations.

“This conference is unique in looking at product companies from the corners of internal resources and how companies can improve their efficiency by introducing new technologies through a better internal organization.”

Our firm FITS was one of the conference participants precisely because it constantly worked to improve working conditions, efficiency of operations and product quality. The representatives of our firm were very active during the panel discussion.