Thermal insulation mattresses

Are you looking for insulation material for thermal insulation of industrial machines and other installations? Insulation company FITS has ideal insulating materials for every industry. The company has wide knowledge and experience in the field of insulation.

In many industrial activities, processes that benefit from the appropriate temperature take place. In order to ensure that these processes occur smoothly, the installations in which these processes take place must be optimally isolated. Plants that have different temperatures from their surroundings will otherwise lose heat or cold.

For thermal insulation of installations, we mainly use insulating nitrogen. The advantage of insulating mattresses is that they can be made entirely up to size, whereby the mattress can be approached as close as possible to the shape of the object. This creates an optimum insulation, which can be easily removed for maintenance. We work only with professional and experienced specialists for the construction and installation of insulating materials. Our experts share their knowledge with different institutions in the country and abroad for decades. For more information, you can always contact our people.